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At JonquilleH Arts, we believe creativity and wellbeing go hand in hand. Founded in 2012 by artist and wellness advocate Jonquille Hodge, we offer experiences that integrate artistic expression, spiritual wisdom, and holistic practices.

Our flagship offering is the JonquilleH Arts & Wellbeing Studio, providing workshops, retreats and coaching programs focused on renewal through creativity, meditation, breathwork, and gentle movement. We guide people in reducing stress, finding inner peace, and living with greater purpose and joy. 

Additionally, our creative studios offer classes in painting,  writing, nutrition, movement and more to awaken self-discovery and community connection. Our exhibits and events inspire and bring people together through the arts.  With mindfulness, creativity and human connection at the core, JonquilleH Arts nurtures growth and vitality for the whole self—body, mind and spirit. Our culture is welcoming, optimistic and luminous. 

We invite you to join us and explore how awakening creativity and nourishment of the soul can harmonize to generate uplifting change within yourself and our world. At JonquilleH Arts, you’ll rediscover what makes your heart sing!

Where Art Meets Wellness: The Story of JonquilleH 

Jonquille has always loved to play with colors and items that are no longer in use. She envisions how they would look and expresses her visions on canvas and wood, intertwined with jewels, paper, clay and acrylics. In her journey, she's found peace and a new way of expressing self. Jonquille has learned how empowering art can be when you allow yourself to be free to create a new being within, through artistic expressions. Jonquille states, "I hope to make an immediate and lasting impact on your life by sharing my gift of artistic expressions". This is a healing process of Renewing the mind, Restoring the body, and Rejuvenating the spirit. 

Jonquille' s story doesn't end there she is also a humanitarian and author. She has published four books and continues to use her gifts to inspire and motivate others.

"My art is my story".   

I live by this truth: Ask Believe Receive!

Clayton County Juried Art Exhibit- Featured Artist 

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