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Jonquille H Arts envisions a thriving community where creativity and wellbeing unite to empower personal growth and connection. We provide experiences that integrate artistic expression, mindfulness, and human bonds to nourish self-awareness, purpose, and vitality.

Our goal is to create a welcoming space where people can flourish holistically and develop skills to live with creativity, wisdom, and joy.

We Believe Creativity Enables Transformative Wellbeing

We Are Jonquille H Arts

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Our Books

Jonquille has been self-publishing inspirational books since 2004. She published her first poetry book "Oh What A Journey" in 2004, containing poems reflecting on love, loss, and the human experience.

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Come experience the harmonious union of creative action and spiritual nourishment.


Upcoming Events

Become One with Us

Express your creativity, nourish your spirit, and connect with the community at Jonquille H Arts


Sharon ~ Art coniseur

“My experience with Jonquille H Arts has been truly delightful. The preparation and care that's visualized in her artwork, were presented professionally. Thank you for such amazing and vibrant pieces that add to my décor."


Since my extremely impactful time at Jonquille H Wellbeing Studio, I've been purposefully and mindfully practicing the reinforced principles of self care. In doing so, I've increased the number and quality of sleep hours , even while on the road for work! 

Gwen ~ SF Executive Director

“I would like to thank you for my amazing experience and art piece - I was quite overwhelmed when I arrived at JonquilleH Arts and had a wonderful time conversing with you and your why behind each piece. There were so many that resonated with my own life experience "


The painting workshop at Jonquille H inspired me to keep exploring my creativity in a judgment-free zone.

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